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Alexander- Vertical jigging rod from exceptional materials with high-level components, excellent finish design all enclosed in a light but powerful cane for big tropical prey. Rings and Plate are strictly Fuji.


ModelLengthPEDrag MaxGuidePcsType
ALXS1651ML5'4"1 ~ 312 kg5+11pcSpining
ALXS  1651M5'4"2 ~ 417 kg5+11pcSpining
ALXS1651MH5'4"3 ~ 520 kg5+11pcSpining
ALXS  1651H5'4"4 ~ 825 kg5+11pcSpining
ALXS 1652ML5'4"1 ~ 312 kg5+12pcs/Butt JointSpining
ALXS  1652M5'4"2 ~ 417 kg5+12pcs/Butt JointSpining
ALXS1652MH5'4"3 ~ 520 kg5+12pcs/Butt JointSpining
ALXC 1651ML5'4"1 ~ 312 kg6+11pc Casting
ALXC 1651M5'4"2 ~ 417 kg6+11pc Casting
ALXC1651MH5'4"3 ~ 520 kg6+11pc Casting
ALXC  1651H5'4"4 ~ 825 kg6+11pc Casting
ALXC 1651XH5'4"5 ~ 1030 kg6+11pc Casting

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