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Independence Light Jig rod which is a Light Jigging fishing rod for inshore and offshore fishing, with casting and spinning type.
Length 6'2"/ 1.88m
PE: Range (0.8 - 2.5) (1.0-3.5) ( 2.0-4.0)
Jig: Range 120g-180g 

Specification - 

ModelLengthPEJig MaxGuidePcsType
INC 621ML6'2"0.8-2.5120 g8+11pcCasting
INC   621M6'2"1.0-3.5150 g8+11pcCasting
INC621MH6'2"2.0-4.0180 g8+11pcCasting
INS 621ML6'2"0.8-2.5120 g7+11pcSpining
INS   621M6'2"1.0-3.5150 g7+11pcSpining
INS 621MH6'2"2.0-4.0180 g7+11pcSpining

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